Guided clients will stay either in 10 x 12 double-occupancy weather port tents with furnished beds and toyo stoves (during winter months) . Our most Epic Accommodation is a 10 x 32 Cedar Sauna with a walk-in shower that includes a screened porch for cooling down and a changing room.

Self-Guided clients will be transported to the field as soon as possible but may stay in the cabin if there is space available. You may want or need to pitch a tent in our yard and can use the amenities as needed. We will LOVE to share our food with you if there is extra (there usually always is). We will not leave you starving or stranded at the airport or out in the field!


Life is too short to eat only freeze-dried food

Because we are not seriously constrained with weight while transporting our clients out into the field, we provide handcrafted smoked meats, barbecue and bacon for your trip. We pair these with rice, pasta or potatoe pouches that make dinner a simple task after a long day of hunting, butchering or packing. For breakfast we either heat up pre-made breakfast burritos or make sourdough pancakes, bacon and eggs. We snack all day while we are out hunting so we have sandwich fixings, chicken drumsticks, snacks and brats with us.

A cooler of meat and another cooler of eggs, bread, butter, veggies, fruit and LOTS of candy bars and we eat like kings while out hunting.

Meats are prepared a few weeks before the hunting season and vacuume sealed with 2 to 6 servings and may include:

  • Beef: Smoked & Grilled Tri-tip; Beef Stew; Smoked Brisket; Carne Asada
  • Pork: Carolina Pulled Pork; Smoked Pork Loin; Spare Ribs
  • Chicken & Poultry: Smoked BBQ Chicken (Thighs & Drumsticks); Smoked Turkey Breast
  • Handcrafted Bacon: (Maple & Hickory Pepper)
  • Smoked & Grilled Bratwurst

Included Services

  • Guided Clients: Lodging & all meals. Field care and transportation of meat & trophies out of the field to local air freight carrier hub.
  • Self-Guided Clients: Transportation of personal gear and other rented gear from our home base to a designated hunting area and return of all gear plus any acquired game and trophies back to our home base on an agreed upon date. We help with all logistics to transport your gear, meat & trophies from our home base to the local air freight carrier hub.
  • Multi-Season Package: Individual cabin, ATV, snowmobile and all field gear for your adventures including all meals.

Client Responsibilities

  • All Clients: Round trip transportation from Anchorage to our home base
  • Hunting Clients: All hunting licenses and big game tags
  • Self-Guided Clients: Transport of harvested meat & horns/cape out of our home base. Lodging and meals are Not included. Camping & Field gear may be rented from our home base. Meals can be pre-purchased upon request but we will ALWAYS make sure that you do not go out in the field without enough grub!