Self Guided Hunts

The more serious and experienced outdoorsmen choose to tackle an Epic Alaskan Self Guided / Unguided / DIY Hunt on their own.

Bring your personal gear and go hunting. That’s it.

Self Guided group hunts average about ~12 days long when focused on harvesting Yukon Moose. Alaska state law requires that a Registered Guide be present on all non-resident Interior Grizzly Bear hunts. Secondary species such as Black Bear and Timber Wolves can also be harvested during Self-Guided hunts at no additional charge.

We limit the number of hunters out in the field at any one time and only host a total of 8 clients each season. The reason for this is to reduce hunting pressure on resident game species, maintain healthy populations and to be able to provide quality service to each hunter.

Self Guided groups are transported to areas that are separated by sufficient distances between hunting parties. Either we have hunted the areas in the past or we know the location is ideal for the targeted species. Hunting areas located along the Upper Innoko River are accessed via jet-boats and those in Upland Areas are accessed ATV.

Self Guided packages are designed for two hunters, but additional hunters or observers may be added to your package. Groups typically rent a complete camp package so that they can focus on hunting and only worry about bringing their hunting gear. The package includes: a jet-boat OR a pair of ATV’s; white-wall tent and wood stove; coleman cooking stove & lantern, tools, tarps, rope, game bags, etc… A complete food package can also be purchased that includes hand crafted smoked meats, side dishes and snacks that will be enough grub for 2-hunters for your entire scheduled trip.

Hunters will need to bring their sleeping bags, hunting clothes, waders, and hunting gear (rifle, sidearm, binoculars, skinning knifes, garmin Inreach, phone with OnX hunting app etc…). If you forget something, there is a good chance we have you covered.

Fly-in Remote Drop Camps or Float Trips can also be made available upon request.

DIY Moose Hunt