Epic Alaska hunts and explores the upland headwater region to the Innoko River which is covered in part by State of Alaska Game Management Units 21A and 19D.

Upland Areas ranging from 500 to 2,000 feet in elevation are dominated by rounded, lichen & blueberry covered hills that transition upwards to rugged, barren ridges that obtain heights of up to 4,000 feet.

Lowland areas along the Innoko River are covered by wide expanses of tundra and black spruce that give way to dense boreal spruce & birch forests localized along shallow meandering river systems.

Although there may be locals hunting in the area, you can go for days at a time and not see a single person while hunting. We like it that way and intent to keep it that way.

During the early part of the fall hunting season, all species of game generally can be found in the upland areas. Yukon Moose will generally move out of upland areas and down into the river valley floors around September 1st to the 15th and can enter the rut and start calling as early as September 5th but this all depends on the weather.

Black bears concentrate on harvesting blue blueberries all over the upland areas from August 15th until they enter their winter dens around September 20th. Grizzly bears are not stationary and roam from the Upland Areas down to the Innoko River as early as August 15th but we see them more often towards the end of September & October as they will be hunting moose to bury their kills close to their winter dens. Wolves are abundant and can be seen all year round but we focus on hunting & trapping them during the winter months when their pelts are in prime condition.

We travel the Innoko River in shallow water jet boats covering an area of around ~80 river miles that cannot be accessed by float planes. Super cubs may be used to access remote drop camps in the uplands away from river systems. Most all areas can be accessed during the winter months with snowmobiles.

If a hunter is focused on targeting Yukon Moose, we recommend that the hunter is prepared to see Black bears before September 15th and Grizzly bears after September 15th. Wolves are everywhere at all times!