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The best stories are ones that cannot be proven. These are “Epic Stories”. They are told around camp fires, in the cabin or at the bar. It was too dangerous to take a photo. The only witness to the adventure has since passed away. The story cannot be proven.

To live, hunt and explore alone in vast areas of remote wilderness is the mark of true outdoorsmen. We know our personal limitations because they have been broken.

True outdoorsmen do not brag about “Epic Stories” because they are just part of their everyday life…and they do not want anyone to know about their Hunting Area. They tend to just keep quiet.

Come visit us and prove to yourself that some things are best kept quiet…

and hung in your trophy room.


Epic Alaska is a licensed Big Game Transporter and Class-A Assistant Guide that is owned and operated by Jesse Grady who lives, hunts and has explored remote Interior Alaska and the Upper Innoko River for over 30 years.

Our primary business is to provide all of our clients with an Epic Alaska Adventure. We offer Self-Guided big game hunting trips that target Yukon Moose, Black Bear and Timber Wolves. If you are interested in a Guided hunting adventure, we will refer you to a Registered Guide that we will work with to plan your trip. Winter Trapping and Snowmobile Tours along the Iditarod Trail are offered during the winter months.

Our most exclusive offer is a Single-Client Multi-Season Package for those who want to experience All of Epic Alaska.


Plan your Epic Alaska Adventure

We work on a first come, first served basis and are only limited to what you would like to experience and how long you want to spend out in our Epic Alaska wilderness.

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