Logistics and Travel

  • All hunting trips are first scheduled to achieve the highest success rate for your targeted species. Second, we try to save you money by overlapping in-going and out-going clients with charters based out of Anchorage. This greatly reduces your travel costs.
  • Access to the hunting areas from our home base include use of shallow water jet boats, ATV’s and snowmobiles
  • All equipment used in your hunt can be leased or rented from our home base, and includes everything you need for Camping, Cooking & Hunting.
  • Complete Food packages can be purchased in advance of your trip and includes enough smoked meats, fresh and dry grub to take care of two guys for 10 days with more to spare.

Hunting Licenses and Tags

Whether you are hunting or trapping with Epic Alaska you will need to obtain the appropriate License and Harvest Tags as well as file a Hunt Report with the State of Alaska after your excursion is completed.

You may obtain the appropriate licenses & tags for your excursion and review current pricing from the following website:


Meat Processing and Trophy Transportation

Yukon Moose are very large animals and can yield up to 550lbs of deboned meat and another 100lbs for the horns and cape. The cost to process and transport your trophies and salvaged meat back to your home from Alaska will vary but you can estimate total costs to be around $1,200. Donating meat, if possible, to residents of the local community can greatly reduce your costs for shipping harvested meat.