Epic Alaska does not list prices of our hunts or excursions. We instead choose to discuss your interests and timeline to make sure that you get the Epic Alaska Hunt or Adventure that you have always wanted. We have a general set schedule to coincide with hunting regulations. We work on a first come, first served basis and are only limited to what you would like to experience and how long you want to spend out in our Epic Alaska wilderness.

Yukon Moose

  • Season: September 5 to 25
  • Available Dates: Sept. 5 to 15 & Sept.15 to 25
  • Hunting Area: Upper Innoko River

Interior Grizzly Bear

  • Season: August 10-June 30
  • Available Dates: August 10 to October 30
  • Hunting Area: Beaver Mountains, Upper Innoko River


  • Season: August 10 to September 20
  • Available Dates: August 10th to 30th
  • Hunting Area: Beaver Mountains

Black Bear

  • Season: No closed season

  • Available Dates: August 10th to September 20
  • Hunting Area: Upland Areas, Takotna River


  • Season: August 10-May 31
  • Limit: Ten wolves
  • Hunting Area: All Areas

Remote Cabin & Winter Trapping

  • Trapping Season: November 1-February 30
  • Species: Wolf, Lynx, Wolverine, Red Fox, Pine Marten
  • Access to Remote Cabins: December through March

Iditarod Snowmobile Tour

  • Race Start: March 3rd, Arrive in Takotna: March 6th
  • Travel: From 50 to up to 600 miles; 2-8 days
  • Option to fly home from Nome or return via snowmobile